Here’s what Wikipedia contributors have to say about unintended consequences.

What do rent control, minimum wage, and anti-price-gouging laws have in common with Christmas gift-giving, besides good intentions?

Drug companies lobby the FDA, the CDC, and the health departments, and advertise to doctors so you won’t get this from them. This entrepreneur answers directly to consumers. Which source is more trustworthy?

What did former economics editor of Fortune Magazine Rob Norton write about unintended consequences, in The Concise Encyclopedia of Economics?

What have Wikipedia contributors written about the concept of blowback?

What author Chalmers Johnson wrote after 9/11, in The Nation, about blowback.






















Government: Local or far away?

Freedom: How much?

One state’s approach to marijuana regulation






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Preventing Drug Abuse

The “war on drugs” was declared in 1970.   Are you happy with the way it’s going?   Usually when people feel strongly about an issue, they’re willing to support it financially. That’s why...

We’re asking our visitors this question:

Would you pay money to stop the "war" on drugs?
Yes, I would pay to stop the drug war.
No, I would pay to continue the "war."
Neither of the above.
Responses 97
Would you pay money to stop the "war on drugs"?

We’re asking our visitors this question:

How involved should government be in making the world better?
Government should force positive change using the political process.
Government should not force most behavior, but should force the public to fund incentives and resources for the purpose.
Both of the above.
I would rather work through groups and organizations of my own choosing, and not involve others by governmental mandate.
Another answer.
Responses 34
How involved should government be in making the world better?

Sometimes federal officials have been known to take sides in issues before the voters, even using public funds to try and to sway them.

We’re asking our visitors this question:

When the voters of a state are faced with federal officials participating in state ballot issues, what should they do?
Insist federal officials stop, and let each state decide for itself.
Agree there's a federal interest, and insist that Congress impose the desired result nationwide, instead.
Something else.
Responses 17
If Californians want a law, should they insist that Congress impose it nationwide?

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